Best Investor Real Estate Markets

The top ten best investor real estate markets in 2012 offer a wide cross section of the Mid-West, Topeka, Kansas Northern region of the U.S. and South as the nation’s cities slowly move towards a recovery in housing.

The second home market has been anything but severely damaged by the crash in the housing market, but sales are wildly picking-up in parts of Florida. Miami tops the list with the highest forecast housing inflation for the year, which makes the community a good bet for long term real estate investors.

However, doubts still surround the stability of the market, which was blasted by the real estate crash and undoubtedly will take years to fully recover from. Prices aren’t expected to reach where they peaked in much of Florida for at least another 20 to 30 years.

Best Investor Housing Markets in 2012

Miami, FL 6.4%
Kansas City, KS 5.8%
Topeka, KS 4.7%
Charleston, WV 4.5%
Wichita, KS 4.1%
Minot, ND 4.2%
Huntington, WV 4.0%
Lake Charles, LA 3.4%
El Paso, TX 3.2%
Rapid City, SD 3.2%

Kansas City, Kansas places second on the list. After experiencing one of the hardest hit markets in the country in terms of foreclosures, Kansas City is recovering from its Miami, Floridadownturn in housing more quickly than most other areas of the country. Record high prices being paid for corn and other crops are pushing home prices higher, and are projected to sustain through 2012.

Topeka, Kansas rounds out the third position, followed by Charleston, West Virginia, which is forecast to experience its best market in decades. Lower home prices coupled with record low mortgage rates are attracting retirees to the region.

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