The 10 Best Real Estate Books To Educate Yourself

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Book on a white wooden table

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​Investing in real estate has proven to be a great wealth-building tool for even the least financially savvy among us, but it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Even though it is one of the most obtainable investment tools, real estate investing is not something you should try without first doing your research. When you and your families’ financial well being is on the line, you want to make sure you are getting your knowledge from the best real estate books available.

Below are 10 books written by real estate professionals who have experienced the highs and lows of the real estate market, and they willingly share their knowledge with the rest of us. So peruse the list below to find the ten best real estate books out there that could hold the key to your next real estate deal.

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What Type Of Books Were Included In The List?

​All ten of the books included in our “best of” list were written by experienced and successful real estate professionals. Each book provides valuable information about some facet of real estate investing.


How Did We Choose The 10 Best Real Estate Books?

​We chose each of the ten books through an exhaustive search for the most comprehensive and user-friendly reads available. Our goal was to find authors and books that offer practical, step-by-step instructions for investing in real estate.


Who Will Find This List Useful? 

​Anyone who has thought about, or has invested in real estate will enjoy this list. The list includes both books for the most novice of investors to the more experienced real estate tycoons.

How We Reviewed

Our goal with this article was to find the best real estate books available. We generated this list using the professional opinions of several industry experts in real estate investments. The books listed below are rated the highest among their peers in public popularity, review ratings, and the overall sentiment from industry leaders. Overall, we comprised this list from an array of investment strategies, focuses, and levels. We ensured that any real estate investor, at any level, would find a book that piqued their interest.

Overall Price Range

All ten of these books are very affordable, especially considering the wealth of knowledge they contain. The price range is anywhere from $7.00 to $20.00, with most costing $10.00. It turns out, you don’t have to sacrifice your down payment to purchase the best real estate books on the market.

What We Reviewed

  • ​Investing in Real Estate
  • ​Mastering the Art of Commercial Real Estate Investing
  • ​The Millennials Guide to House Hacking
  • ​Real Estate: Rental Property Investment
  • ​Retire Early With Real Estate
  • ​Real Estate Investment Coach Secrets
  • ​Investing in Rental Properties for Beginners
  • ​The Beginner Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Your First Rental Properties
  • ​Investing in Real Estate Private Equity
  • ​Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing

1. Investing In Real Estate


As stated in the subtitle, Thomas Smith’s book is a comprehensive guide to making money by investing in real estate. This is a quick read at just 111 pages, but it is full of basic knowledge every real estate investor needs.

The author does a great job of explaining the finance behind real estate investing. Readers will gain a solid understanding of everything from the net operating income of a property to the gross rental yield. This is one of the best real estate books for beginners we have encountered.

Also included is invaluable information about the many tax laws affecting real estate investments, and the legal and technical jargon of the industry. There is even a detailed section listing typical investment mistakes to avoid.

This is one of those books you will want to keep handy even after you finish that last page, as it makes a great resource to reference while working through any real estate deal.

Price $$

2. Mastering The Art Of Commercial Real Estate Investing


Doug Marshall’s book gives the investor step-by-step instructions on real estate investing by taking the reader through the life cycle of the real estate asset. This includes buying, financing, managing, and finally selling the property. This book is just over 230 pages and also adds an in-depth look into commercial real estate.

Marshall has created the 6 Immutable Laws of Commercial Real Estate Investing, and they are well explained in this book. These six laws are practical but profound nuggets of information that will promote success in real estate, and life in general.

Each section includes quizzes that the reader can take to ensure they fully understand the material covered. This book includes some bonus life lessons and words of wisdom that alone make it worth the purchase.

Price $$

3.The Millennials Guide To House Hacking


This work by Ciro Affronti is one of the more unique books that made our list. In this quick and easy read (only 73 pages), Affronti explains a real estate investment strategy he coins, House Hacking.

This book specifically targets Millennials, but the concept would work for anyone who is willing and able to be flexible with their living situation. The basic premise of House Hacking is to purchase a real estate investment you would be able to both live in and rent.

This method is very appealing because Affronti used it to gain his own wealth, and he shares his secrets in this book. If you are a millennial, this might be one of the best real estate books for you.

Price $$

4. Real Estate: Rental Property Investment


In this book, author Peter Flynn offers a basic overview of real estate investing. He covers information every new investor must know; choosing a rental property, finding the right tenants, and he even helps the reader self-assess to see if they have what it takes to be a landlord.

Flynn builds his investment strategy on three simple rules: Planning, Preparation, and Persistence. All three concepts are well explained in this book. The author also delves into investing in commercial real estate properties.

Included, is a comprehensive how-to for planning a real estate investment business plan. Overall, this book offers a wealth of valuable information while still being a quick and easy read, at just under 90 pages long.

Price $$

5. Retire Early With Real Estate


In this book, author Chad Carson lays out a five-step plan to an early retirement using real estate investments. This book is straightforward and easy to understand. Carson gives the reader plenty of real-life examples of the do’s and don’ts in real estate investing, most of which he gleaned from his own life experiences. At just under 300 pages, this is one of the longest books on our list.

This is a great resource that highlights the powerful tool of leverage that only real estate investments give us, and it explains the residual benefit of rental income. Also included are plenty of tables and graphs, all with compelling data. There is also a question-and-answer section at the end that provides even more detailed advice on Carson’s five-step plan.

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6. Real Estate Investment Coach Secrets


​Author Patrick Dague provides another one of the most unique books and concepts included in our top ten list. Dague comprised his book of several comprehensive interviews with some of the most renowned financial coaches in the business. This includes Steve Cook, Darius Barazendeh, and Joe Crump, as well as many others.Written in an interview style, this book touches on some complex real estate investment principles, including wholesaling, lease options, private lenders, and investment groups. Overall, it is full of information you can’t find anywhere else.Within these interviews, the reader will not only learn the mistakes these investors made but also lucky breaks, and life lessons. This book is informative and entertaining and even won the Babs & Rascal Publishing’s Best Business Book Award for Real Estate.

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7. Investing In Rental Properties For Beginners


​The premise of Lisa Phillip’s investment strategy is to buy low and rent high. She offers a very obtainable goal, as the properties she suggests investors target are those priced between $30,000 and $50,000. This would lead to a smaller mortgage and thus, a much smaller monthly payment.This book helps guide the new investor in areas such as choosing the right contractors and property management options. Phillips uses her real-life rags-to-riches journey as a blueprint for how to make your real estate dreams come true.Not only is this book encouraging and easy to read, but it also addresses investing in an under-served market. Following Phillip’s program will not only benefit the investor but also the neighborhoods where they purchase.

Price $$​

8. The Beginner Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Your First Rental Properties


​As its title notes, author Gary Richards’ book does a great job of spelling out the fundamentals of real estate investing. It not only tackles the “how” of real estate investments, but the why. With so many other investment opportunities available, Richards gives his reader an in-depth look into the stability and success of real estate over time.Richard provides an easy to follow guide to help new investors get started, and he includes real-world examples of how new investors have found and bought great properties. He breaks down the various real estate investments and lists the benefits of each.Overall this is a great book to get even the most novice investor started, and it is a short and easy read at just over 120 pages. Out of our top 10 list, this one was voted one of the best real estate books for beginners.

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9. Investing In Real Estate Private Equity


​Out of our top 10 best real estate books, this one is geared towards the more sophisticated real estate investor. Sean Cook’s book concentrates on the strategy of obtaining the funds to purchase investment properties from private firms rather than the traditional bank or self-funded route.This book also examines the property valuation process, including income capitalization and various market forecast indicators. In addition, it offers detailed knowledge of different real estate investment structures and terms.While this book will not suit the average beginner, it is clear and concise and offers more complex investments strategies to the general investor. If you are a seasoned investor, this is one of the best real estate books for you.

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10. Financial Freedom With Real Estate Investing


​In his book, Michael Blank offers potential investors a three to five-year retirement plan by investing in apartment buildings. This real estate investment strategy is specific and broken down into 7 clear steps, and 8 milestones.This plan is practical and easy to follow, and the author even includes a script to use when speaking with brokers or other real estate professionals. There are helpful hints on how to raise the funds for your first down payment, and tips on finding the best deals.Overall, this book is quick and to the point and full of practical advice. Included with the purchase is access to a free Companion Course, which gives an in-depth analysis of the market, and helpful how-to’s.

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The Verdict

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The aforementioned real estate investment authors have written the best real estate books available. While they each showcase their own unique facet of the real estate world, they are all entertaining, honest, and very educational. If we had to single out the two best of the best, they would be, The Beginner Real Estate Investor’s Guide To Your First Rental Properties, by Gary Richards for the new investor, and Investing In Real Estate Private Equity, by Sean Cook for that more seasoned investor.

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