‘Psycho Character’ Commits Home Foreclosure Scam

By Mike Colpitts

Millions of homeowners are suffering through foreclosures, but this guy takes the CAKE! It’s right out of the classic Alfred Hitchcock horror Parkin and Rimolo at the DMV movie Psycho.

In a truth is stranger than fiction tail, a Brooklyn man dressed up as his dead mother and “channeled her” to commit real estate fraud in an effort to fight the foreclosure of his late mother’s home.

Authorities say Thomas Parkin, 51, didn’t fool anyone when he showed up at the local court house to file papers to challenge the foreclosure fully dressed as his mother in a wig with full make up. The real life character reenacted Hitchcock’s character Norman Bates in the old action thriller impersonating his mother, who would have been 86 years old now.

Parkin was sentenced to serve a minimum of 13 years and eight months in prison after being convicted of real estate and social security fraud. You see the real life Norman Bates cashed his dead mother’s social security checks for six years and used the $44,000 he received each year to live on with his partner, Mhilton Rimolo, 49, who is charged as a con-conspirator in the crimes.

The home was deeded to Thomas Parkin by his mother in the 1990s, but in early 2003, nine months before his mother’s death, the home was foreclosed.

Parkin and Rimolo then filed a lawsuit against the new owner of the home in Parkin’s mothers name to invalidate the foreclosure.

Parkin even doctored a death certificate to fight the foreclosure and gave authorities a fake social security number to show proof that his mother was still alive.

The true to life Psycho character didn’t stop there though, even showing up at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles in full make up to renew his mother’s drivers license, which he needed to use in the scam.

Apparently, this guy never got the word that the DMV keeps copies of the pictures they take for drivers licenses, and were happy to send them to authorities to use in court.

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