Majority Intend to Buy Real Estate Soon

Almost 2 out of 3 respondents to the latest Housing Predictor opinion poll say they plan on buying a home or other real estate in the next two years, apparently feeling that the bottom of the housing market is falling into place.

The large majority of respondents feel more confident about real estate values rising after more than a four year down turn in housing markets across the nation.

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The online survey found that 44% of those surveyed plan on buying real estate within the next year. Another 16% said that they will be doing so within the next two years. Nearly 1 out of 3 respondents or 32% do not plan buying real estate at all.

The crash in real estate values has troubled many Americans, who have seen some homes resold as much as 80% less than what they sold for during the real estate boom, triggering a lack in confidence in the U.S. economy with a series of other issues surrounding the financial crisis.

The remaining 8% said they plan on buying property of some sort in more than two years, giving markets more time to become stable after all-time record foreclosures damaged the overall economy.

The Housing Predictor opinion poll demonstrates that a large majority of those surveyed feel markets are moving at least towards stabilizing, despite rising foreclosures in many of the hardest hit areas of the country. More than four years of slower home sales saw an improvement as a result of a series of government programs, including tax credits for home buyers.

Do you plan on buying a home or other real estate?

Yes within the next year.   –   44%
Yes within a year to 2 years.   –   16%
Yes in more than 2 years.   –     8%
No   –   32%

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