Foreclosure Numbers Decline

Foreclosure notices declined in January, but still remain at record high levels for the year, according to the latest Realty Trac monthly report. Some 315,716 properties were tagged with notices during the month nationwide. The decline in notices marked a 10% drop from December numbers, but shows that one in every 409 housing units is… Continue reading Foreclosure Numbers Decline

Fueling the Fire of Second Housing Bubble

By Kevin Chiu Government efforts to stabilize the financial system have kept interest rates low, and bought up more than $1.4-trillion in mostly failed mortgage-backed securities. But widespread fraud and other government efforts may already be driving the development of another housing bubble. The FBI says mortgage fraud is still at epidemic levels, which may… Continue reading Fueling the Fire of Second Housing Bubble

Losing Money on House Hard to Handle

By Mike Colpitts Nobody wants to think about it and nobody wants it to happen to them. Losing money is an awful thing to go through. But millions of Americans have seen their stock market portfolios blow-up and their home values erode. Losing money is a hard thing to do. The run up of America’s… Continue reading Losing Money on House Hard to Handle

2010 Mississippi Housing Market

Tough economic conditions are making life rough in Mississippi. State tax collections have been declining for more than a year amid one of the worst economic downturns in the state’s history. The state budget, already in the red, is expected to get much worse before things get better. Still, there are bright spots in the… Continue reading 2010 Mississippi Housing Market

2010 Washington Housing Market

Markets are beginning to rebound in terms of the downturn in housing in Washington, but the major bounce back that many have optimistically hoped for doesn’t seem to have much of a chance of materializing in the near future. Pushed by the federal tax credit, home sales experienced a strong rebound only to fizzle once… Continue reading 2010 Washington Housing Market

2010 Michigan Housing Market

Driven by the lowest home prices in decades, the Michigan housing market has little chance of ever catching up with home prices that residences were once selling for but markets have made compelling improvements over their disastrous fall-outs. The “Big 3” auto companies re-hiring of thousands of workers should eventually help the state recover. As… Continue reading 2010 Michigan Housing Market