Worst is Over as Housing Deflation Peaks

Despite an on-coming wave of foreclosures, the worst is behind the majority of U.S. housing markets, according to a new assessment by Housing Predictor. Real estate deflation has been the worst in three states, topping 75% in the hardest hit markets of the country. But it has begun to slow as a result of a… Continue reading Worst is Over as Housing Deflation Peaks

Housing Shows Stabilization

By Mike Colpitts More than four years after beginning its downturn, many housing markets are stabilizing. Stabilization is key and the first step in the recovery process as markets settle from the worst housing crash since the Great Depression. The long-running housing depression is far from over, but there are more indications that stabilization is… Continue reading Housing Shows Stabilization

New Record in Foreclosures Set

The foreclosure epidemic reached a new milestone in July setting another record, according to the RealtyTrac monthly report. Foreclosure filings were reported on 360,149 properties nationwide, rising 32% from one year ago. “July marks the third time in the last five months where we’ve seen a new record set for foreclosure activity,” said James J.… Continue reading New Record in Foreclosures Set

2016 Nevada Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

Source: Zillow Purchase stunning property like this in the Carson City real estate market

Last year the United States housing market saw default numbers fall to the lowest levels since 2006. However, this was not the case for Nevada real estate. The housing market in Nevada had its housing distress statistics actually increase in 2015, and real estate market agents in the state expect more of the same for… Continue reading 2016 Nevada Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

2015 Nevada Housing Market Predictions

Source: Flickr Should you invest in the Las Vegas NV real estate market?

While much of the country has been enjoying a healthy housing market, most of the state of Nevada is merely hovering around stable. Being underwater on your mortgage (owing more than it’s worth) in most states does not mean that you will lose your home. In Nevada, however, most likely that is exactly what it… Continue reading 2015 Nevada Housing Market Predictions

2014 Nevada Housing Market

Forecasting the real estate market in Nevada has historically proven quite difficult given its highly dynamic nature. However, the 2012-2014 period proved particularly challenging for market analysts. The recession, its aftermath, and the slow pace of economic recovery in the state provided many difficulties in the prediction process. In most states, market analysts steer clear… Continue reading 2014 Nevada Housing Market

The Best Real Estate Markets 2013

When considering which real estate markets are the best, it is wise to look at home sales among other aspects as this number often reveals a thriving real estate market. Below is a list of the top 25 real estate markets in America today from the least to the greatest: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: According to… Continue reading The Best Real Estate Markets 2013

Foreclosures Rise 18%

The epidemic of foreclosures is rising, according to newly released figures from RealtyTrac, despite a slight slowdown in activity during the month of May. Year over year foreclosures rose 18%. Foreclosure filings, including default notices, scheduled auctions and bank repossessions were reported on 321,480 properties during the month, a decrease of 6% from April. The… Continue reading Foreclosures Rise 18%