2018 Predictions for the Oklahoma Housing Market

There is both good news and bad news to share concerning the 2018 Oklahoma housing market. While the state doesn’t seem to have the same difficulties with the decrease of homes available as other states do, Oklahoma’s real estate market will have its share of issues in the coming months. To find out if it… Continue reading 2018 Predictions for the Oklahoma Housing Market

2016 Oklahoma Real Estate Market Predictions

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Oklahoma became the 46th state in the United States in 1907. Known as the Sooner State, it is 20th in size at 69,899 square miles and 28th in population at 3,911,338. The terrain consists of small mountain ranges, prairies, mesas, and forests. The primary industries are natural gas, oil agricultural products, aviation, energy, telecommunications, and… Continue reading 2016 Oklahoma Real Estate Market Predictions

2015 Oklahoma Housing Market Predictions

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The 2015 Housing Market in the state of Oklahoma is a sellers market. According to Susanna Lorg, the president of the Oklahoma City Metro Association of Realtors, the most active price range is the entry-level buy-in range, which includes houses priced between $120,000 and $150,000. With inventory still low throughout the state, sellers maintain a… Continue reading 2015 Oklahoma Housing Market Predictions

The Best Real Estate Markets 2013

When considering which real estate markets are the best, it is wise to look at home sales among other aspects as this number often reveals a thriving real estate market. Below is a list of the top 25 real estate markets in America today from the least to the greatest: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: According to… Continue reading The Best Real Estate Markets 2013

2013 Oklahoma Housing Market

Oklahoma Realtors are predicting the spring of 2013 will be one of the most successful home-buying seasons in the state since 2007. According to television news channel KTEN (¨Real Estate in Ardmore is on the Rise,¨ March 21, 2013), hopes are high among regional real estate professionals. ¨Christi Frederick is a real estate agent in… Continue reading 2013 Oklahoma Housing Market

Real Estate Appreciation in 2008

Only 3 States with Appreciation It’s getting harder and harder to find housing markets that are doing well in what has developed into a national housing depression in most places. But there are 3 states with enough markets that are appreciating to still make the Housing Predictor top appreciation list. Texas, Oklahoma and North Dakota… Continue reading Real Estate Appreciation in 2008

Higher Home Values Forecast in 85 Cities

As the recovery of the U.S. housing market gains traction, higher home values are forecast to develop by the end of 2012 in 85 cities, according to Housing Predictor analysts. The upturn in home prices is especially evident in many of the hardest hit states. The growing trend of home price inflation is developing strongly… Continue reading Higher Home Values Forecast in 85 Cities

Home Prices Forecast Higher

By Mike Colpitts Home prices in a larger number of cities are forecast to inflate in value in 2012 as many U.S. cities make inroads towards a housing recovery. Signs of progress are developing in a growing number of U.S. states, including hard hit Florida, Michigan and Mississippi. Improving conditions in many cities are attributed… Continue reading Home Prices Forecast Higher

2012 Oklahoma Housing Market

Higher employment levels driven by energy rich oil fields and natural gas, and a strong agricultural industry are sending most housing markets in Oklahoma into a full-fledged recovery, even as many areas of the nation suffer in the throws of the financial crisis. Stronger home sales and fewer foreclosures to hurt the values of surrounding… Continue reading 2012 Oklahoma Housing Market