Real Estate Triggered Recession

Economist Fred Foldvary Real estate crashes have led to recessions in the U.S. economy the majority of times major recessions or economic depressions have developed since the early 1800’s. In California, Santa Clara University economist Fred Foldvary may have been the first to predict a recession for 2008 back in 1997. “Macroeconomists are not always… Continue reading Real Estate Triggered Recession

High End Homes Take Hit

The Luxury housing market is taking a hit of its own in the on-going national real estate slowdown, which ever way you want to put it. Home prices in the mightiest of all real estate sectors, from $5-million and up are taking a beating, and the forecast for the long term isn’t looking good, according… Continue reading High End Homes Take Hit

Debt Boom Backfires

It’s really so simple once you look through his looking glass. J. B. Richards has a simple way of looking at things as an economist for more than 40 years. “It’s been played out on Americans more than any other place on the planet,” he says. “It’s really a debt boom of monumental proportions. Banks… Continue reading Debt Boom Backfires

Avoiding Foreclosure with FHA Loans

Foreclosure is one of the largest and most talked about problems in the country today. The good news for some homeowners struggling to make payments is that FHA loans may be able to help. FHA, or the Federal Housing Association, has been designed to provide additional help to people looking to obtain a home loan,… Continue reading Avoiding Foreclosure with FHA Loans

Homebuilder CEOs Cashed Out before Crash

Dwight Schar Dwight Schar’s Palm Beach Estate Zvi Barzilay David Mandarich By Mike Colpitts Editor As the U.S. struggles with the growing economic crisis, many of the nation’s largest homebuilders are battling to stay in business. All of the largest publicly traded building companies have seen their values drop on Wall Street. But many of… Continue reading Homebuilder CEOs Cashed Out before Crash

Bailout Tops $2 Trillion

Editors Note: Housing Predictor originally published this article in October 2008. When it got dark on Wall Street, really, really dark the Bush Administration knew it had to act. But the attempts to save the U.S. economy by the Bush Administration were quickly seen for what they were, failures to rescue the ailing economy. Amid… Continue reading Bailout Tops $2 Trillion

New Vulture Capitalists Forming Line

The waiting line is already being formed of investors to buy up low-priced real estate and mortgage-backed securities cheap. Some 400 different funds are being developed ranging in size from $25 million up to multi billions of dollars, a Housing Predictor investigation has revealed. These investors are composed of investment companies, Real Estate Investment Trusts… Continue reading New Vulture Capitalists Forming Line

Congress Fails America

Analysis of the Bailout Congress Fails America By Mike Colpitts When the nation’s economic disaster hit the breaking point Congress took action. The bailout approved by Congress gives the U.S. Treasury Department nearly complete discretion to purchase $700 billion of mortgage-backed securities and other troubled assets clogging the lending pipeline. But it fails to provide… Continue reading Congress Fails America

Dire Straits on Main Street

By Mike Colpitts Editor It finally hit the fan. The nation’s largest investment banks and mortgage companies developed the new financial trading instruments that triggered the credit crisis on Wall Street, and now the long expected financial melt down has finally entered its final stages. A few minutes before the New York Stock Exchange closed… Continue reading Dire Straits on Main Street

Desperation in New York City

By Mike Colpitts Desperate times cause people to do desperate things. We encountered one of these unfortunate souls on our trip last week to New York City, Marina Berkovich is an insurance agent in Brooklyn,  who owns the apartment we rented. She said business has been lousy with the ailing real estate market. Marina was nice enough… Continue reading Desperation in New York City