Treasury Keeps Housing on Life Support

In a massive action to keep the housing market on government life support, the Treasury Department pledged to provide unlimited financial assistance to the largest insurers of home mortgages, troubled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The move, announced on Christmas Eve with members of Congress already on their way home out of Washington, D.C. for… Continue reading Treasury Keeps Housing on Life Support

Appraisal Reforms Sought

By Kevin Chiu Already under attack for inaccurate and sometimes fraudulent appraisals, a coalition of real estate industry related organizations is banding together to reform appraisal practices in an effort to fix part of the system that triggered the worst real estate crash since the Great Depression. Appraisers have been named as defendants in a… Continue reading Appraisal Reforms Sought

Nationalized Lending May be Permanent

Nearly 9 out of 10 home mortgages are now being sold to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the government sponsored enterprises taken over by the federal government at the peak of the financial crisis and backed by taxpayer money. The government supported program has strongly nationalized mortgage lending and put the housing market on life-support.… Continue reading Nationalized Lending May be Permanent

Housing Czar Wanted

from Google Maps By Mike Colpitts The classified advertisement reads: “Immediate opening for an expert negotiator with serious finance credentials. Master’s degree in economics or related field required. Real Estate background a must, especially in residential area. Scope of experience should include working with and understanding bankers.” Apply to: President Barack Obama, The White House… Continue reading Housing Czar Wanted

News Releases from Housing Predictor

News Releases News releases are posted from the newest to the oldest. The news releases posted here are for the use of news organizations, web site owners and bloggers, who want to keep their visitors up to date on the latest Housing Predictor news. They are provided here for you to copy and paste on… Continue reading News Releases from Housing Predictor

Best Real Estate Markets in 2011

The best real estate markets for investors to put down their money in 2011 are located in a cross section of areas across the U.S., many of which are supported by strong government jobs. Hubs for high-tech, health care and education also make up the ten best markets to buy a home to make a… Continue reading Best Real Estate Markets in 2011

Mortgage Flu Hits Real Estate

As home foreclosures increase daily weakening real estate markets a new world flu has struck. The subprime crisis evolved into the national housing crisis only to become the mortgage flu. Some 89 percent of people surveyed by Housing Predictor blame mortgage companies for artificially inflating the housing market by selling too many mortgages to those… Continue reading Mortgage Flu Hits Real Estate

Affordable Home Owners Insurance

Home owners insurance policies have sky-rocketed in some states, while others are seeing their policy prices remain close to the same. All this has occurred amid record high profits in the insurance industry. Last year insurance companies netted $68-billion, while insurance policies cover less and cost more. In 2005 insurance companies profited a record $48-billion.… Continue reading Affordable Home Owners Insurance

Top 10 Real Estate College Towns

Investors and parents shopping for rentals for college students might realize a sharp increase in rents when students go off to college this fall. Rents on homes and apartments rose an average of 4% in the U.S. in the last year, and higher rents are expected. released its second annual round-up of the top… Continue reading Top 10 Real Estate College Towns

Seismic Shift in U.S. Restrains Housing Market

By Kevin Chiu Consumer doubts over the banking system, political divisions in Washington, D.C., nagging high unemployment, a growth in the understanding among the U.S. population of political corruption and doubts about the economy are developing a seismic shift in the housing market. The shift has slowly been taking place for more than ten years,… Continue reading Seismic Shift in U.S. Restrains Housing Market