2011 Delaware Housing Market

Troubled by the banking industry and its former appetite to take excessive risks, Delaware’s housing markets are in the midst of one of the nation’s toughest real estate crashes even after the federal home buyer tax credit increased home sales for a time. The collapse of the housing market is especially hard hit in the… Continue reading 2011 Delaware Housing Market

Major Metropolitan Market Forecasts in 2011

The annual metropolitan forecasts housing markets in the top 25 Greater Metropolitan Statistical areas in the U.S., and include housing and population densities. The forecasts are listed in order from the most populated major U.S. city to the least. Housing Predictor forecasts are issued in January of the New Year and updated as local market… Continue reading Major Metropolitan Market Forecasts in 2011

Recovery in Best 25 Housing Markets

As the U.S. undergoes the most severe down turn in its housing markets since at least the Great Depression, at least 25 local markets are progressing through the transition forecast to experience housing price inflation during the remainder of 2011. Driven by a U.S. military realignment program and a robust local economy El Paso, Texas… Continue reading Recovery in Best 25 Housing Markets

Best Real Estate Markets in 2011

The best real estate markets for investors to put down their money in 2011 are located in a cross section of areas across the U.S., many of which are supported by strong government jobs. Hubs for high-tech, health care and education also make up the ten best markets to buy a home to make a… Continue reading Best Real Estate Markets in 2011

2011 California Housing Market

Like suffering through a painful New Year’s hangover, California is slumbering through the fallout of the real estate crash after twin tax credits artificially boosted its housing market only to return to a slowdown. As the world’s sixth largest economy on its own, California isn’t exactly falling into economic ruin, but it isn’t making headway… Continue reading 2011 California Housing Market

2011 Arkansas Housing Market

Arkansas has one of the strongest economies with one of the best employment rates in the nation, which is propelling its housing markets to improving conditions much sooner than most of the U.S. Home sales haven’t been setting any records, but near record low mortgage rates have kept most markets active with homeowners who are… Continue reading 2011 Arkansas Housing Market

2011 Alabama Housing Market

Soaring unemployment and weak economic fundamentals are leading the Alabama housing market into a second down turn that is projected to pull home prices down further. Home sales have slowed after the federal tax credit for home buyers’ expired, leading to a growing series of problems for Alabama, which includes worries along the Gulf of… Continue reading 2011 Alabama Housing Market