2018 Predictions for the Alabama Housing Market

2018 has been a prosperous year for the real estate market all throughout the country. Most states have seen promising results with the combination of a better economy and higher wages allowing buyers to purchase a home without shopping around for the least expensive deal. Most of the U.S. is dealing with a shortage of… Continue reading 2018 Predictions for the Alabama Housing Market

2015 Alabama Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

Check out the beautiful sights of the Montgomery AL real estate market!

Alabama has had a significant role in the shaping of our nation. At one time, it was at the epicenter of the slave trade in the pre-war south. Fast-forward a hundred years and it became the birthplace of the Civil Rights movement. Alabama has undergone all of these things and become a center for industry, high… Continue reading 2015 Alabama Real Estate and Housing Market Predictions

2013 Alabama Housing Market

Alabama’s real estate professionals are feeling more hopeful about market improvements through 2013. They have every right to be enthusiastic. Based on rising home prices, appreciating home values, and increasing sales, indications point to a positive remainder of the year for the Alabama housing market. An article published in the Birmingham Business Journal in January… Continue reading 2013 Alabama Housing Market

Best Investors Real Estate Markets in 2010

Despite the troubled economy, the best buyers real estate markets for investors in 2010 possess stronger regional economies and the hottest prospects for the highest job growth in the country. Employment is the leading economic indicator for a strong housing market, and the best ten markets have what it takes. Huntsville, Alabama tops the list… Continue reading Best Investors Real Estate Markets in 2010

2011 Alabama Housing Market

Soaring unemployment and weak economic fundamentals are leading the Alabama housing market into a second down turn that is projected to pull home prices down further. Home sales have slowed after the federal tax credit for home buyers’ expired, leading to a growing series of problems for Alabama, which includes worries along the Gulf of… Continue reading 2011 Alabama Housing Market

Isaac Poses $36 Billion in Storm Damage

By Mike Colpitts As it roars toward the Gulf Coast to make landfall forecast to turn into a hurricane, tropical storm Isaac poses more than $36 billion in financial losses to the Gulf Coast, according to a real estate research firm. An estimated 269,081 homes and other residential properties in just seven major metropolitan areas… Continue reading Isaac Poses $36 Billion in Storm Damage

Home Price Appreciation Jumps 2.5% for Year

By Mike Colpitts For the fourth straight month home values have increased in appreciation across the U.S., according to real estate research firm CoreLogic. Prices increased 2.5% in June compared to a year ago in the 100 largest metro areas the company tracks. On a month-over-month basis, including foreclosure and short sales, home price appreciation… Continue reading Home Price Appreciation Jumps 2.5% for Year

Housing Index Shows Upward Trend

By Mike Colpitts Home prices declined an average of less than one-percent in the U.S. on a year to year basis through the end of March, according to a heavily watched housing price index indicating an upward trend for the marketplace. The CoreLogic index showed that prices were down 0.6% from one year ago, including… Continue reading Housing Index Shows Upward Trend