Can You Sell Your Home With Technology? You Can With These 5 Home Innovations

Using targeting strategies is an excellent way to ensure you sell your home; and using age as a possible target could be a wise choice. An article in the New York Times quotes data from the Census Bureau to highlight the fact that the majority of Americans now fall in the 22-24 year olds category; and maybe these should be the target for your sale. So how would you attract a younger buyer to your home? Perhaps, as technology is such a huge part of the life of young adults, installing some technology in your home as a buying hook would be a good tactic. However, in a world full of technological advances, what would you fit, and where? Here are a few examples that would be sure fire winners.

The Front door—-Access Control

First impressions are important, and as that impression starts at your front door, why not install an access control panel? This is an item that will not only appeal to the techno buff, but also to those who are really concerned about home security (Check out the information on access control). For the best effect, meet the buyer outside, and usher them through the front door after using your fingerprint to gain access. If that doesn’t impress them, they don’t like technology.

Living Room —-Voice Control

You can use voice control to operate your lights, heating, or even your entertainment system, and it can be as simple as installing voice recognition software on a computer. If your home already runs on an automated system, then expanding that to voice control is an easy way to impress people; and with the advances in voice recognition and the use of command phrases for the systems (you can set these as “wake up” calls to the system), you can control your voice activated system in the home or even over a telephone line. There is no way that showing a potential buyer the acoustics of your living room, while turning on your sound system with a voice command, will be anything but a bonus.

Kitchen —Cooker of the Future

The kitchen is probably the most important room in most homes, and if you can impress here, you are on the home run. There is a product called the IQ Wall Oven that will help you in the kitchen, and help you sell your home. This is not just a top of the range cooking experience; it comes with the capability to play music, show a video and any other capability of the modern tablet; including Wi-Fi connectivity. This is a cooker that the modern owner can use to find any recipe available on the internet, or watch a video of a particular dish being cooked. A cooker that will actually teach you how to cook through its own inbuilt program, and can even be controlled remotely from a smart phone. This is a fantastic way to sell your kitchen.

Bath Room—-Musical Showers

There is something about the human psyche that makes many of us sing when we are in the shower, so why not use that to your advantage? Installing a Bluetooth enabled shower and speaker combination, will mean you can sing along to your heart’s content, but not disturb the rest of the house with music pumping around the home. Obviously, if you don’t want to sing, this is a much more family friendly way to listen to your music anyway.

Security —Smart Control

Why not expand on your home security after showing a buyer your access control by showing them how you can control your security remotely? Smart phones can now alert you to any door that is opened and even show you video of your property if you are worried. Obviously there are many other ways your smart phone can control your home, and the more of these that you can show the better. From controlling the climate in your home to feeding your cat, it can all be done with the greatest gadget of this generation.

If you are going to appeal to the youthful home buyers of today, you really will need something to catch their eyes; and technology should be an absolute winner. From inbuilt floor speakers to living walls, the choice is endless. However, the ideas here are a great way to showcase your rooms (and home) in a techno-savvy way.


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