Foreclosures Increasing on Home Equity Losses

Home equity losses are increasing the number of foreclosures as millions of Americans are becoming upside down in their houses, and more are joining the ranks daily. Being upside down in your house can be a nightmare. More homeowners are finding themselves in this precarious position, and by growing numbers homeowners are walking away from… Continue reading Foreclosures Increasing on Home Equity Losses

News Releases from Housing Predictor

News Releases News releases are posted from the newest to the oldest. The news releases posted here are for the use of news organizations, web site owners and bloggers, who want to keep their visitors up to date on the latest Housing Predictor news. They are provided here for you to copy and paste on… Continue reading News Releases from Housing Predictor

Major Real Estate Market Forecasts in 2009

Major Metropolitan Real Estate Market Forecasts The major 25 real estate metropolitan statistical areas are based on housing and population densities in the Greater Metropolitan areas, and are listed in order from the heaviest populated areas to the least concentrated in 2009. The Housing Predictor forecasts are issued annually at the beginning of the year… Continue reading Major Real Estate Market Forecasts in 2009

Better Market Forecast in Housing

Housing markets will experience increasing sales in 2010 aided by the government’s extension and expansion of the first time home buyers federal tax credit, and more government-backed lending assistance, according to the new Housing Predictor national forecast for 2010. Markets will improve in most of the U.S. with average housing deflation forecast at 8.7% nationally.… Continue reading Better Market Forecast in Housing

National Real Estate Prices Forecast to Deflate Further

Scrambling to find a bottom, the U.S. real estate market is falling further and further in most areas of the country. Home prices nationally will deflate an average of more than 8% in 2008, according to the Housing Predictor forecast. The real estate crisis, triggered by an over supply of new creative financing programs and… Continue reading National Real Estate Prices Forecast to Deflate Further

Foreclosure Sales Explode

Sales of foreclosed homes are exploding amid the housing downturn as banks price properties at prices to get them off the books quickly. The surplus of foreclosed properties is at all-time high and the troubled lending industry is cutting prices to where they have to be in order to attract buyers. The homes are attracting… Continue reading Foreclosure Sales Explode

2010 Georgia Housing Market

Home sales are sliding in Georgia and foreclosures are climbing as markets are hampered by high unemployment, despite some of the lowest mortgage rates in history. But the housing market poses the best buyers market in more than a decade for those looking to get into a home. Despite rising home sales prompted by the… Continue reading 2010 Georgia Housing Market

Navigating the New Year

By Brad Risen Economist Happy New Year! It’s 2009, the year that America will go head to head with the U.S. economy like no other since the Great Depression. So enjoy your New Year’s punch now. You’ll need it! I have never been a pessimist. I grew up thinking and being the serial optimist. But… Continue reading Navigating the New Year