Big 55 U S Housing Markets in Recovery

Chill the bubbly. More U.S. cities are forecast to inflate in home values in 2012 than in the past five years as communities in fifteen states South Beach move towards more stable housing markets with increasing home sales and higher values.

These 55 cities are from states all over the nation and they have the ingredients to experience better times in the New Year.

The most common denominator among these communities is more job opportunities than other parts of the country, with state and local governments that are more likely to back business growth and development.

Housing Market in Recovery 2012

Miami, FL6.4%
Fort Lauderdale, FL3.2%
Kansas City, KS5.8%
Topeka, KS4.7%
Wichita, KS4.1%
Overland Park, KS4.2%
Oklahoma City, OK4.3%
Buffalo, NY3.1%
Rochester, NY2.9%
Syracuse, NY2.5%
Erie, PA2.1%
Omaha, NB2.8%
Lincoln, NB2.4%
Bellevue, NB2.9%
El Paso, TX3.2%
Abilene, TX1.4%
Houston, TX1.8%
Dallas, TX1.4%
Rapid City, SD3.2%
Black Hills, SD2.6%
Sioux Falls, SD2.4%

Florida even places a couple of exceptions among the cities forecast to inflate in value, as international buyers are drawn to its resorts to make bargain priced home and condo purchases. The New Orleanssouth also places Texas and Louisiana cities on the list, which is the most welcome news for the housing market in years.

Propelled by record prices being paid for crops, Mid-West states rank highly on the list with Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa communities forecast for appreciation. The snow-belt also places several cities in the inflating U.S. real estate markets with North Dakota, South Dakota, New Hampshire, New York, Wyoming, Vermont and Alaska.

Housing Market in Recovery 2012

Bismarck, ND3.6%
Fargo, ND3.2%
Minot, ND4.2%
Grand Forks, ND2.1%
Des Moines, IA2.9%
Cedar Rapids, IA3.1%
Iowa City, IA2.1%
Sioux City, IA3.2%
Davenport, IA2.0%
South Bend, IN2.1%
New Orleans, LA1.6%
Lafayette, LA2.3%
Houma, LA3.0%
Monroe, LA3.1%
Lake Charles, LA3.4%
Manchester, NH2.6%
Concord, NH2.8%
Nashua, NH3.1%
Rochester, NH2.1%
Dover, NH1.4%
Anchorage, AK2.3%
Fairbanks, AK2.0%
Juneau, AK2.0%
Cheyenne, WY3.2%
Jackson Hole, WY2.3%
Gillette, WY2.7%
Casper, WY3.5%
Charleston, WY4.5%
Morgantown, WV3.8%
Huntington, WV4.0%
Wheeling, WV3.9%
Burlington, VT1.6%
South Burlington, VT1.9%
Rutland, VT1.9%

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