Markets Forecast to Rise with Housing Inflation

In a turning point that demonstrates U.S. housing markets are making a recovery, Housing Predictor is forecasting that local markets in Baltimore, Maryland seventeen states will experience housing inflation in 2011.

The states are dominated by the Mid-west and most Northern regions that were less affected by harmful new mortgage lending products during the real estate bubble, and are experiencing fewer foreclosures as a result of troublesome bank lending standards.

Not all of the markets in each of the seventeen states are projected to experience housing inflation in 2011, but the local markets forecast to increase in average housing values are projected to see more steady local recoveries.

One of the coldest regions in the country, composing North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana Mile High City - Denver is projected to experience one of the best housing markets in the U.S. with rising home values through most of the year.

Mortgage rates that are close to being record lows will also boost home buying activity and home prices in the nation’s Corn Belt in Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa. While in the North-East New Hampshire, Maryland, West Virginia, Maine and Vermont will undergo better market conditions, especially as the springtime selling season sets into the region with warmer weather.

Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas markets are forecast to see higher housing inflation in the south, while some Colorado and Washington markets are in the west.

States in 2011 with Appreciation Click on any state below to see local markets with forecast housing appreciation.         Colorado     New Hampshire   Iowa     North Dakota   Kansas     South Dakota   Louisiana     Texas   Maine     Vermont   Maryland     Washington   Mississippi     West Virginia   Montana     Wyoming   Nebraska

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