Real Estate at Pennies on the Dollar

By Kevin Chiu

California real estate investor Simon Volkov says stick it to the bank, and buy real estate at pennies on the dollar purchasing single family homes at wholesale prices. Volkov is a foreclosure and tax property Pennies on the Dollar note specialist, who urges investors to take advantage of the distress in the current marketplace to ring in the profits.

“Although many real estate investors are skittish about investing in foreclosure homes and other distress properties, historically there has never been a better time to invest,” said Volkov, who has just opened his online real estate blog to investors for free since first launching the site in 2006.

The inventory of deeply discounted homes caused by the foreclosure crisis has created a perfect real estate storm for investors. “Interest rates are lower than they have been in 25 years,” said Volkov. “Smart investors can capitalize on losses incurred by those who over-invested or fell victim to subprime loans. Banks are holding onto properties they need to liquidate and builders are sitting on homes they need to sell. Unfortunately one man’s loss is another man’s gain.”

More than 7-million homeowners have suffered through foreclosures as a result of poor lending practices at the hands of banks and mortgage lenders. After years of investing in foreclosures and assisting thousands of homeowners to hold on to their homes through sophisticated programs he designed, Volkov is letting investors and private individuals with no experience investing in real estate in on his secrets for free by opening his Website without charging his normal $1,200 a year at

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Started in 2006, the site has grown to become an online research center for residential real estate investors and delinquent homeowners. The website is a how-to site on some of real estates most complicated investing procedures.

Headquartered in affluent Orange County, California Volkov specialized in probate, bankruptcy and divorce liquidation sales allowing him to retire and pursue other ventures. The site offers a wealth of knowledge about bankruptcy, foreclosures and other problem related real estate issues. It’s a how-to site on some of real estates most complicated investing procedures.

Volkov’s articles are based on personal experience, allowing other’s to learn from his time consuming work that would otherwise take years to learn. “This information is helpful for investors, as well as people losing their homes,” said Volvo. “These articles explain what to do, what not to do, and how to do it.”

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