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Housing Research The Housing Research Center is a consumer resource loaded with expert information on buying, selling and investing in real estate with insight on the many facets Housing Research of being a homeowner.

Find the latest news on the evolving foreclosure crisis and what steps you can take to protect your best interests. Plus get general information on navigating through what can be the troubled waters of homeownership in the twenty-first century.

Buying Real Estate

The good news is it’s a buyer’s market in most areas throughout the country and interest rates still remain relatively low. Arm yourself with knowledge to take advantage of the current marketplace.

Success Selling Real Estate

It’s a whole new ball game when it comes to selling real estate in today’s highly competitive marketplace. Get tips to help you sell.

Real Recovery Developing

A housing recovery is slowly developing in northern tier states and is broadening into portions of the mid-west.

Reverse Mortgage Hype or Reality?

Reverse mortgages may have drawbacks that will do more harm than good and you will need to know what you’re getting into before you sign on the dotted line.

Affordability Vital to Homeownership

Lenders are throwing out the old rule book of mortgage underwriting and exchanging it with new guidelines even before Congress imposes most of the new regulations.

Closing Costs on Uncle Sam

In a effort to unload its bloated inventory of foreclosed homes Freddie Mac is paying home buyers closing costs.

Five More Years

The foreclosure crisis, already culminating in the formal repossessions of more than 7-million homes is projected to drag on another five years and involve millions of additional homeowners.

Homestead Protections Available in 27 States

One of the most misunderstood aspects of real estate is Homestead protection and it could save your home from creditors. Find out the difference between “Homestead Exemption” and “Homestead Declaration” and which one will save your home.

Victimized by a Reverse Mortgage

Required mandatory HUD counseling for reverse mortgages does not help or protect the borrower. Find out what you can do to be protected.

Americans Move at Lowest Rate

Saddled with a weak economy and sluggish housing market Americans moved in 2010 at the lowest rate since World War II.

Housing Plan Missing in Action

The housing finance reform proposal stops short of offering any long term solutions to aid the housing market.

Home Prices Decline Less in Hardest Hit Markets

Home prices in the hardest hit markets of the nation are deflating at a slower rate for the second year in a row.

Efforts Grow Against Bad Banks

Efforts are growing against banks and lenders’ mortgage servicing companies that are threatening to besiege the banking industry after it reaped record profits.

Should You Work with an Agent?

The option to use a real estate agent to sell your home requires some research and careful introspection.

Foreclosed Woman May Receive Damages

A federal court has ruled a California woman may be able to obtain financial damages as a result of wrongly being dealt with in the foreclosure of her home.

Buy Faster After Foreclosure

Securing a mortgage in the future is possible in less time than ever before with more than 19.2-million vacant homes nationally.

Save Money on
Homeowners Insurance

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