Success Selling Real Estate

Selling real estate isn’t like selling anything else in the World. For most of us the most expensive item we’ll ever sell is our own home. Sold HomeMaking the right decisions along the way to sell the largest financial asset is the key to success.

Selling real estate is not a fine science, but as real estate markets have changed marketing real estate successfully has become increasingly more involved to attain the highest possible price. In today’s highly competitive marketplace it takes time and a lot of work. Just a few years ago placing an advertisement in the newspaper was enough to sell a home, but those days are long gone.

Many people seek the advice of real estate agents to sell property and the over whelming majority use the services of an agent to market their homes. Real estate agents specialize in marketing property, and it takes years of experience and training to market property effectively.

Real estate agents and brokers, who work full time in the business of listing and selling may be your best shot at not only selling your property, but attaining the highest price. There are more than 1,900 cooperative Multiple Listing Services (MLS) in the United States, which are all associations of real estate agents.

Agents market properties in a myriad of ways from listing property in the local MLS to advertising in the local newspaper and magazines to preparing full multi-level video presentations to run on web sites in today’s high tech era.

We’re not saying that you have to use the services of a real estate agent to buy or sell real estate, but hundreds of studies have shown that owners of property who are represented by real estate agents take more money to the bank from the closing table. Studies also indicate buyers save more money when they are represented by a real estate agent.

Selling homes today isn’t like it used to be. With the over abundance of advertising no matter where we turn marketing real estate effectively takes a dedicated professional to get owners top dollar. Less than 10% of all real estate agents nationally are selling homes with great consistency.

Only 8% to 10% of all real estate sold nationally is sold by the owners themselves. Whether it’s a house or condo, piece of land or a business, selling property is a time consuming process. Every transaction encompasses many different aspects and the laws involved vary from state to state. Some states require attorneys to act as closing agents while others do not.

Finding the right professionals for good advice is the key to success in any business, and although many may not realize it selling their own home involves many business decisions.

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