Top Housing Market Winners in 2009

You might look at the list of the annual Top Housing Market Winners in 2009 and think twice about some of the winners. But then again it’s been an extremely challenging year in real estate.

Home sales in the Top 10 markets got a great improvement towards the latter half of the year with help from lower housing prices, extremely low mortgage rates and the federal government’s first time buyers’ tax credit. Sales volume data is compiled from the latest information available from assessor and recorder offices throughout the country.

After suffering through one of the most severe downturns in the nation Cleveland, Ohio leads the list with a huge increase in home sales followed by Detroit, Michigan. Home prices have gotten so low in both markets that buyers are flocking to the two areas for what they expect to be long term investments.

Ten states are represented on the top housing market list in 2009, including a strong showing of markets in the mid-west and Great Lakes region.

Top 10 Housing Markets 2009

RankReal Estate Market
1.Cleveland, OH
2.Detroit, MI
3.Providence, RI
4.Burlington, VT
5.Milwaukee, WI
6.St. Paul, MN
7.Austin, TX
8.Oklahoma City, OK
9.Pittsburgh, PA
10.Omaha, NE

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