Victorian Will Sell Itself on Internet

A Victorian-era home built in 1886 may just sell itself marketed on the Internet, despite being located in a town of just 106 residents front view of Victorian-era home in Eastville, Virginia. The home was lived in by three families before being converted to a bed and breakfast.

The residence boasts 3,500 square feet with some of the lowest property taxes in the U.S. at just $1,960 a year. The property features mature flowers, a boxwood garden and many trees, including oaks and dogwoods with out buildings and a stable for horses.

The small community has the longest growing season in the north-eastern corridor of the country. The owner is marketing the home with a blog and through social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to gain attention for the property. The asking price is $348,843.

lighthouse bedroom

“It’s been a privilege to live here the last seventeen years,” says owner Melody Scally. “It would be impossible to build a home like this for the price, but my situation has changed. It is time for another owner to have the opportunity to fall in love with this very special property and make their own happy memories.” “But don’t take my word for it,” said Scalley, “The house will speak for itself!”

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