Reality Behind Foreclosures, Mortgage Lenders and Attorneys

By Barbara Ann Jackson

Understandably, it seems that defaulted property owners seek to ‘beat the system’ –a small amount of them do. Not even I am willing to assist in such a thing when those types contact me for help. People in my crowd are not seeking to get a free home, and they are willing to pay rent.

Still, why and how should property owners be blamed for refusing to cooperate with erroneous and fraudulent confiscation of their homes? Who can blame any reasonable person for not wanting to be homeless if there is a LAWFUL method to avoid it?

Trash littering a foreclosed home

Most of the time, the attorneys have made severe errors – sometimes intentionally, since errors help keep the billable tab going, and commit the very frauds that provide basis, defenses, and reasons to attempt negotiating mortgage contracts.

ADDITIONALLY, perhaps thousands of defaulted homeowners have likely already lost –and many others could still lose their homes –to not lenders with ownership of “secured interests” in the properties, but to “straw buyers”! How? As a result of intentionally fraudulent foreclosures –of which there is LOTS of $$$$$$ in the foreclosure fraud / real estate racketeering industry!

Moreover, people who scowl at ‘deadbeats’ do not know everyone’s situation. NOT all defaulted homeowners obtained ill-affordable mortgages. Scores of defaults arose from divorce, medical bills, ‘outsourced’ jobs , and so much more. And should ‘deadbeat’ borrowers with student loans have known how long it would take to get jobs? Is there compassion for elderly people who were tricked into usurious “home repair” refinancing?

Also, compare blighted neighborhoods and foreclosure deed conveyances to non-existent mortgage lenders; bankruptcy “Lift Stay” motions that “lack standing,” and names on “proof of claims” different from ‘lift stays’ “movers”; and illegal property deeds. Likewise, foreclosure lawyers’ failure to “effect service,” and failure at various substantive Civil Procedure requirements made it not lawful to proceed with those cases until those errors are corrected. Too, property owners seeking debt reorganization through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy should not be blamed for contesting lawyers’ falsified “proof of claim” or false “Lift Stay” motions that are being filed in courts across the country.

Thick-skulled people say ‘people ought to move out and let banks decide for themselves’. But what part do such people not understand; banks are unable to decide ownership. Still, scoffers brush aside the fact that fraudulent court pleadings are being filed by lawyers who are required to know better! And scoffers ignore that ‘the bank’ may not even get that property AT ALL! Meanwhile, if homeowners ‘move out’, the scoffers will be forced to welcome void and blight – and rats and vagrants eventually will also come and go be coming and going. (neighbors detest neighbors while the white collar elephant hides in plain sight).

Barbara A. Jackson
About the Author

Barbara Ann Jackson writes about injustice, illegal issues, abuse of power and impediments to justice at Law & Grace Inc.

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