Running Out of Time to Stay in Their Home

By Grace Lyons

In 1982 my husband and I bought our home and struggled to keep it because of very high interest rates at the time. Our combined wages could not keep up with the high cost of living. Today we are still living in the same home after close to twenty nine years.

Crisis in America

In 2009 both my husband and I were phased-out of our jobs. We now still owe on the first mortgage plus a second mortgage because over the years we have had to refinance in order to pay-off other bills, which raised the number of years it will take to pay off our mortgage.

Due to the poor economy in our area both of our grown sons had to move back home to live with us.

It is very unfortunate that we are running out of time. I’m 61 and my husband is 65 and I have to ask myself what is going to happen to us? How will our story finally finish in what we call, “Life in America – the best land in the whole world?”

How long will the rich and greedy be allowed to continue to make mistakes that affect everyone? After all, when bankers and those on Wall Street do they are rewarded with “our money ” and we still suffer. It’s not fair and it’s not the way it should be.

The banks and the other rich and powerful have us at their mercy. At our ages we have simply run out of time with few working years left to pay off our debts.

Corporate Welfare

I really feel the companies who have asked for our trust, including the one we opened our 401K with are the same people who walked away from this whole stupid disaster rich. I’m sure their money had long since left the country into a safe bank account. “Shame on them!”

Once again I cannot stress enough, “Shame on them!” No mortal person lives forever. Some day I think the people who are responsible for this whole mess are going to have to come up with some really snappy answers for a higher power, and don’t think for one minute you can put anything past him.

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