Company Will Pay You to Book Vacation

A U.S. based online vacation website is paying vacationers cash money to stay at locations booked through their site. Resorts Nationwide, Inc. specializes in vacationing representing independent timeshare owners throughout the nation. The program offers customers cash to use the firm’s website to rent or buy timeshares from existing owners.

Timeshares are the fastest growing sector of the travel industry with the cost of vacations, including airfare, food and beverages rising.

In the first week of operation the company tripled the number of visits to the site and has been able to successfully market and advertise condo units and other timeshares to lots of new customers.

“The problem in the industry has always been the lack of exposure that owners receive when they try to rent or sell their timeshare on their own,” Resorts Nationwide Anita Whitmer said. Many timeshare owners say they were scammed or miss treated in previous marketing arrangements. “The company’s main goal is to turn the misconception around that timeshare owners cannot rent or sell, and that owning a timeshare makes vacationing and business travel affordable,” Whitmer said.

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Timeshare owners benefit from the program as Resorts Nationwide builds its business offering the $200 incentive to consumers. The firm has multiple arrangements with Convention and Visitor Bureaus, and they intend to extend the program through at least the third quarter of 2011 to families and individuals.

Resorts Nationwide books all-inclusive resort accommodations, providing savings for families in these tight economic times. Accommodations include furnished units with fully supplied kitchens, spacious living and dining with plenty of room for everyone in one to four bedrooms units. Timeshares are available to rent at beachfront settings and a variety of other locations with dining service, spa treatments, nightlife and other amenities.

Timeshares rented from the company website may be acquired at a fraction of the cost of other companies, saving vacationers hundreds of dollars on a one week vacation, according to a Nationwide representative.

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