Paradise Dream Job Awaits

Paradise is a place that most of us just dream about, but it’s very Times Square much on one 30-year-olds mind these days. Josh Garcia is one of just ten finalists competing for a dream job to search for paradise and win a house as part of the prize.

The transplanted Californian now living in New York City is competing for his dream job to be an online TV host for a popular website. Following six months and hundreds of applications, Josh and nine others made the final cut. The winner will be selected in March and travel the world for a year in search of paradise.

Nassau Bahamas

“I left my job as an engineer to pursue my career in video and television,” said Garcia, who is currently making an income working as a personal trainer. “Let me win but if I cannot win let me be brave in the attempt.” Garcia moved to the Big Apple about two years ago to pursue his dreams of working as a TV host. The job will pay the winner of the contest $60,000 a year to travel the globe and report on beautiful locations, take in the best sights of each country and experience different cultures across the world

The winner will also receive a $150,000 to spend on a home in cash, which can also be used to rent property across the world.

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