Paris Hilton Plunges Back Into Family Business

By Mike Colpitts

Socialite Paris Hilton landed in Manila, Philippines Sunday night on a Azure Urban Residences tour to promote a new real estate resort development as the star-heir to the Hilton hotel fortune plunges back into the family business.

The night clubbing socialite, who pulls in as much as $100,000 for turning out at cocktail gatherings has partnered with Century Properties in Manila to design the main themes for its Azure Urban Resort development. Hilton will also design the main center piece welcoming visitors at the Azure Beach Clubhouse.

The development is a massive six section residential resort development featuring a man-made beach for vacationers to enjoy, spas, an assortment of swimming pools, a massage center and a movie theater.

“Her unparalleled style that made her a successful businesswoman and a style icon, as well as her zest for living the good life are the qualities that we would like to incorporate into our vacation-inspired residential property,” said Century Properties chief operating officer John Victor Antonio.

Paris Hilton arrives in Manila, Philippines

The socialite, who appears in a reality TV show, “The World According to Paris,” which mixes Hollywood kink with Paris life arrived in Manila to mix business with pleasure.

Wearing a yellow blouse and jeans, the heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune obliged photographers greeting her in the airport concourse, who were snapping pictures before her handlers barged through the crowd for the celebrity to make her way to the airport’s VIP lounge.

Paris will also be opening her signature line of custom hand bags and other offerings at a Manila mall while she’s in the Philippines plunging back into the family real estate business, which anyone could have guessed would have happened sooner or later for the blonde socialite.

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