Miley Cyrus Buys $3.9 Million Mansion

Entertainer Miley Cyrus, the Disney Hannah Montana teenage star has mileypurchased a Southern California mansion for $3.9-million.

The home, which covers 1.15 acres of land in the affluent Studio City suburb of Los Angeles features a spacious indoor gym, a huge walk-in kitchen, an outdoor pool overlooking the LA basin and roams 5,173 square feet, according to county tax records.

The estate, which isn’t far from Hollywood had been originally listed at a high $4.58-million, but was later reduced to a crisp $4.4-million.

Miley, who is just 18, the minimum age to buy real estate in the state of California, is the daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who made her own way into the movie and TV business after getting introduced into the business by her famous father.

The gorgeous mid-century modern home comes complete with Paparazzi-repellent walls, outdoor living spaces and amazing valley views. Built originally in 1952 the home was renovated in the last year and a half.

The five bedroom mansion has plenty of room for Miley and her friends, who will presumably sell her first home that she purchased in busier Toluca Lake for $3.5-million after buying her new pad. The purchase could find the youthful entertainer in two places till then since the California high-end housing market isn’t exactly moving like gang busters.

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