Arizona Housing Market Predictions

Let’s take a look at the Arizona housing market and what you can expect from it in the coming year. Housing markets can be unpredictable. One year, it’s a buyer’s market. The next, it could be a seller’s market. One thing that’s guaranteed about the property is that nothing is guaranteed. While you can never… Continue reading Arizona Housing Market Predictions

2015 Arizona Housing Market Predictions

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Once the epitomic example of the housing market crash, the Arizona housing market is now one of the stronger markets in the country. Increases in home construction and sales can be seen throughout the state. Most representative of the health of the Arizona real estate market is Phoenix, which has made a complete roundabout. Instead… Continue reading 2015 Arizona Housing Market Predictions

2015 Montana Housing Market Predictions

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In a state without a particularly strong economy, how does the Montana housing market perform in 2015 considering the pressures of our¬†post-recession economy? We will examine¬†the particularities of the Montana real estate, as well as try to sketch some housing market predictions for the area based on how the current data looks like and the… Continue reading 2015 Montana Housing Market Predictions