Tiger Woods Moves Out of Orlando

By Mike Colpitts

Until his fall from grace with the public explosion of his sexual escapades, Tiger Woods was Orlando, Florida’s second best known resident right behind Mickey Mouse. Jupiter Island Home Now Woods is departing Orlando for the east coast side of Florida and his departure is barely being noticed.

Woods is moving into a newly renovated $50-million compound on Jupiter Island he purchased from the former CEO of Lehman Brothers, Richard Fuld’s wife, who sold the 10,000 square foot mansion to his wife for $100 when the company plummeted into bankruptcy at the height of the financial crisis in 2008.

The palatial playgrounds that compose the compound would make most new bachelors lonely, but not Woods who has been looking forward to moving into the place for more than two years. The professional golfer will be sharing the Island with at least one other golfing great, Greg Norman. Entertainers Celine Dion and Burt Reynolds also have homes on Jupiter Island.

Woods Jupiter Island Palatial Estate

The nine-bedroom mansion might be a long time investment for Tiger, who had the world’s most highly publicized driveway fender bender in Orlando lead to his divorce and downfall on the PGA tour. Norman listed his golf course lined compound for sale last year at $65-million nearby, but was unable to attract a buyer in the current economy, slashing the asking price to $45 million.

For those who still follow Woods on the golf course, it’s true that Tiger plans his golf season with the goal of peaking four times for the majors, which he’ll work on aggressively behind the closed gates of his new compound.

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