Open Letter on Foreclosure Mills

By Betty Delisle

My name is Betty Delisle and I live in New Hampshire. I am self employed and work every day to provide for my family. I bought my first home in October of 2005 and was so excited because I finally forclosure help had a chance to get off the government programs that I had been receiving for years.

After finally buying my first home, I had no idea that someday I would be faced with foreclosure. My business had a fire and I suffered a loss of my income. During this time, I was forced to file chapter 7 bankruptcy. I was told to make monthly payments through a payment plan. I continued to make the payments every month until I was faced with having to provide more and more documents every other month or so.

There was a behind the scenes act that took place. They took my documents and forged them with the signatures of people who did not know anything about my situation or circumstances. They signed legal documents to foreclose on my home. The people that were involved in this horrible corrupt act worked for a bank servicing company.

Back in April of 2010 when I was told to send in profit and loss statements I did exactly what I was told. When I received a letter stating I did not qualify for a modification due to the fact that I was not occupying the home I asked ‘What does that mean?’ I was living in the home.

foreclosure fraud

I was told that if I provided my income that there would be no problem with staying in the home. But the lawyers scheduled a foreclosure in June 2010 then postponed it till paperwork was received. A month later, the auctioneer showed up in front of my home when I was at work and sold the house to a US National Bank Association Trustee.

There is a big problem here with the question of who actually owns the note. After fighting this for over three years and going back and forth to the Banking Department and the FDIC as well as the OCC and even the FBI and the Attorney General’s Office and the US attorneys office all you get is sorry ‘I cannot help you.’

The problem we are facing in New Hampshire is that there is no homeowner support in our judicial system to help homeowners. When I received my notice to vacate the home from US Bank I went to the lower court and tried to fight the eviction and lost. I took my case to the state Supreme Court and was denied with no reason given.

I am now out of my home. I just moved into an apartment with my children and my home is listed with a real estate agent that works for the attorneys and GMAC. My home has been on the market for sale now for over a month and listed for almost $100,000 less than what I paid for it back in 2005.

I am now going to file a lawsuit against this US Bank National Association and hope to have someone hear my case. This has been so devastating to me and my children. There is no one listening to this and no one putting a stop to these criminals.

This is a crime and needs to be stopped. This will continue to happen to families and the home owners who have worked so hard for their most important assets. I have been through so much in the last year. I hope to see light at the end of the tunnel. This cannot continue to happen.

Please accept my letter and know that there are many more families who are going through this every day. I hope something is done to stop this. Thank You.

Betty Delisle

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