Top Markets with Best Chance to Robust Return

There’s nothing wrong with having a little luck on your side when it comes to a bad economy. So with that made clear we list the Top markets with the Best Chance to a Robust Return in real estate.

Chief among all of the candidates to return from the housing bust sooner is Austin, Texas, which hasn’t really had it all that bad in comparison to other places during the housing bust. A high-tech corridor should keep this mostly youthful town out of the real bust this time around. You might want to put your money on Austin.

The real estate market started diving more than three years ago in Jacksonville, Florida, where growth is still believe it or not still occurring even at a snails pace as the state’s now largest metropolitan area to make the list.

Durham is part of the famous Research Triangle, along with Raleigh and the home of North Carolina State University and Chapel Hill, where the University of North Carolina is located. This area encompasses one of the strongest college areas in the nation and as a result of plenty of college students to rent residences has a strong chance of returning to be one of the country’s stronger real estate markets sooner than most of the country.

  • Raleigh-Durham, NC
  • Austin, TX
  • Seattle, WA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • San Francisco, CA

The City by The Bay as San Francisco is known has one of the most diverse economies in the country. The 1.8 million residents in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo counties will see their market’s continuing to decline in home prices, but should whether the housing bust much better than the majority, making San Francisco a prime candidate to return from the bust sooner than the rest.

The Port of San Francisco should also help the greater Bay Area during the economic downturn as Americans purchase cheaper consumer goods from over seas.

The collapse of the housing market is having major impacts on the Seattle economy. Washington Mutual and Starbucks have jettisoned tens of thousands of employees. But Seattle still has big time Boeing and Microsoft among a throng of supporting smaller companies to boost the local economy, triggering an economy that will dip but not fallout all together to place Seattle on the list.

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