TV Real Estate Guru Makes Investors Rich

The collapse in the housing market has created a new way of thinking among real estate investors. Money is no longer just being made by investors. It’s being shared among a new breed of entrepreneurs coached by the man whose book and motto is “Think a little different.”

“I do everything I need to do at home,” said Carol Stinson, who joined TV real estate guru Dean Graziosi investor’s school to learn how to make a profit on homes. “Working outside the home was not possible because I have 7 children. But I’ve learned how to take these techniques and I now use them on the Internet.”

Stinson is among a growing army of entrepreneurs who search for deals on homes they find for professionals too busy with work to deal with the daily grind searching for bargain priced homes, including doctors, lawyers and dentists to purchase them as investments. She is part of Phoenix, Arizona based Graziosi’s real estate academy, which she joined when her husband’s business began failing two years ago. At the time, her family was close to losing their home to foreclosure.

Real Estate Guru Dean Graziosi

Since then Stinson has rehabbed two properties and closed 22 transactions, netting more than $100,000 in profits.

Unlike many other TV real estate gurus who market books and tapes to a desperate audience of late night get rich quick dreamers, Graziosi has gained a solid reputation for his programs, and built a good reputation among loyalists and consumer watch dog groups., an Internet site which collects consumer complaints on companies and individuals gives “Deans Real Estate Success Academy” high marks.

Participants are coached on how to create their own business, protect personal assets from losses and target investors to market properties to searching for deals.

Nearly a third of all homes in the current economic environment are purchased by cash buyers. Professionals, who are too busy working full time with the cash to invest, are looking for “shoppers” to find them deals to invest in and pay those who shop for them handsomely for finding under market values.

Graziosi has authored two New York Times best-selling books on investing in real estate. His training academy has helped thousands of entrepreneurs, providing personal one-on-one coaching, mentoring, interactive lessons and dvds that teach students how to find and market properties.

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