Best Forecast Housing Markets 2010

Lansing, Michigan

Lansing, Michigan moves into the #1 position in Housing Predictor’s Best 25 Housing Markets for 2010, as sales hit an all time high for the first time in four years with a boost from the federal tax credit.

However, Detroit, Michigan suffering through one of the worst housing depressions in the nation for nearly 5 years still made the #2 position, behind Lansing and both markets are forecast to experience double-digit appreciation in home prices for the year.

San Jose, California

Eight California housing markets remain as major changes show an improving trend in home sales and forecast appreciation in California.

California markets are experiencing growth due to tax incentives set in place by the governor. Oakland now takes the third slot followed by San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles.

The Best 25 markets for 2010 are taken from housing markets forecast by Housing Predictor in all 50 states and are updated as conditions demand over the course of the entire year.
Best 25 Housing Markets 2010 Update

RankReal Estate MarketForecast
1.Lansing, MI13.6%
2.Detroit, MI12.7%
3.Oakland, CA12.1%
4.San Francisco, CA11.9%
5.San Jose, CA11.8%
6.Los Angeles, CA9.4%
7.Grand Rapids, MI8.7%
8.Orange County, CA8.5%
9.San Diego, CA7.4%
10.Inland Empire, CA7.4%
11.Sacramento, CA7.0%
12.Arlington, VA6.8%
13.Denver, CO6.7%
14.Alexandria, VA5.9%
15.Boulder, CO5.9%
16.Des Moines, IA5.7%
17.Fargo, ND4.3%
18.Juneau, AK4.2%
19.Davenport, IA4.2%
20.Lafayette, LA3.2%
21.Charleston, WV3.1%
22.Baton Rouge, LA2.2%
23.Cleveland, OH2.1%
24.Austin, TX2.0%
25.Columbus, OH1.7%

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