No Housing Bottom in Sight

There is no end in sight for the bottom of the declining housing market, despite efforts by the new Obama Administration to aid the ailing markets, according to the latest Housing Predictor forecast. Lack of a coherent plan to stem the epidemic of foreclosures has continued to erode housing values, which are falling in the… Continue reading No Housing Bottom in Sight

Condo Buyers Winning Refunds

By Chris Tyler Growing numbers of preconstruction condominium buyers caught in the credit crisis are getting their deposits refunded from Florida up the east coast to New York across the nation to California. Amid double digit declines in condo values, momentum is building in courtrooms for buyers who have waited beyond their contract deadlines for… Continue reading Condo Buyers Winning Refunds

Biggest Buyers Market Hits

As the nation struggles with an ailing economy, housing markets all over the U.S. are experiencing the biggest buyers markets in decades. The inventory of homes listed for sale by real estate agents has shrunk, but a growing inventory of foreclosures offered for sale else where is becoming larger. The real estate depression has produced… Continue reading Biggest Buyers Market Hits

Battling the Credit Crisis with a Credit Check

Battling the Credit Crisis with a Credit Check Those little numbers on your credit report are taking on a whole new life of their own. Not that your credit score hasn’t been important before, but it’s taking on a more important role since the credit crisis than ever before. Tighter mortgage lending guidelines have seen… Continue reading Battling the Credit Crisis with a Credit Check

Moving on a Budget

If you’re one of the approximately 50 million Americans moving this year, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune to get from point A to point B. With a little planning ahead, it’s possible to execute a do-it-yourself move without breaking the bank. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 16 percent of all… Continue reading Moving on a Budget

Home Bankruptcies Soaring

By Chris Tyler Consumer bankruptcy filings are already topping the near record pace set in 2008 this year as a result of the real estate crisis, and the number of consumer bankruptcies may set a new record in 2009. The fall out from the credit crisis, triggering the epidemic of foreclosures has homeowners scrambling to… Continue reading Home Bankruptcies Soaring

Smoke and Mirrors Fade

By Mike Colpitts Suddenly and awkwardly America is losing the smoke tint blurring its rose-colored glasses. The great U.S.A. is suffering through the pain of the worst financial meltdown since the Great Depression, triggered by the shenanigans on Wall Street and the banking industry. As millions more are thrown out of work, consumer goods are… Continue reading Smoke and Mirrors Fade

Recovery Likely to Take Decade

The housing market recovery is likely to take a decade or more before strong home appreciation is evident in the majority of the country, according to the latest analysis by Housing Predictor. The credit crisis triggered by the foreclosure epidemic will be followed by a deflationary cycle in commercial real estate compounding the turmoil in… Continue reading Recovery Likely to Take Decade

Bad Bank Floating of Swimming

By Mike Colpitts The mass media loves to float ideas — concepts that many times never do become reality. But in the effort to get the news out news sources of all types online, TV and in print jump on the band-wagon. The so-called “BAD BANK” President Obama may propose to handle the toxic mortgages… Continue reading Bad Bank Floating of Swimming