Preparing for the Next Real Estate Boom

By Mike Colpitts All economic downturns have their own identifiers. Mega-sized government bailouts are intended to produce a return of powerful market forces, and this economic recession has more than a large chance of turning into an economic depression. But for all of its failures this current financial crisis is taking on its own powerful… Continue reading Preparing for the Next Real Estate Boom

Foreclosures May Top 12 Million

As many as 12-million more homes could be in jeopardy of foreclosure in the nation’s growing foreclosure epidemic, which accounts for nearly 1 out of 12 homes. The rise in homeowners at risk has resulted from the senate’s failure to pass a bill forcing “cram downs” in bankruptcy courts. The senate’s decision came on a… Continue reading Foreclosures May Top 12 Million

Tracking the Housing Recovery

By Mike Colpitts Editor America has a history of working in emergency mode, and damage control has been the government’s biggest over hang. Hearing government officials talk it’s as if we didn’t know an economic calamity triggered by the housing crisis had been developing for years until just a few months ago. Now with the… Continue reading Tracking the Housing Recovery

How to Buy a Home in the New Economy

By John Hines So you’ve searched the Internet day and night — Looked at hundreds of homes for sale — Filled out the forms at the bank to get pre-qualified only to find out that they won’t give you a mortgage. Perhaps your credit score isn’t high enough to fit into the underwriter’s new higher standards.… Continue reading How to Buy a Home in the New Economy

Steering out of this Messy Economic Place

By Mike Colpitts Editor As America makes inroads to get out of this messy economic place – whether it be a deepening economic recession or an economy in depression, Housing Predictor takes a new road offering all the insight we can to help steer us out of this mess. Technically, whether we face another economic… Continue reading Steering out of this Messy Economic Place

Housing Rebound Forecast

After nearly a four year slowdown in home sales in the hardest hit areas of the country some housing markets are in for a rebound, according to a new Housing Predictor forecast. The rally will be evident by late summer. Near historic low mortgage rates, pent up buyer demand and even improving consumer confidence in… Continue reading Housing Rebound Forecast

Record Deflation Forecast in 2009

Home values are falling, and in the majority of the U.S. they are dropping at an unprecedented rate of deflation. The weak economy racked by increasing job losses, growing financial turmoil and record all-time foreclosures are damaging home prices at the fastest rate in modern times. The unprecedented fall in home values has escalated, and… Continue reading Record Deflation Forecast in 2009

Rising from the Housing Mess

By Mike Colpitts Born from an economy in chaos, a new American economic system is developing these days. The old American entrepreneurial spirit still drives the U.S.A. The U.S. financial crisis spurred by the foreclosure epidemic led to the world global recession. As businesses close their doors and fail at alarmingly high rates, families lose… Continue reading Rising from the Housing Mess

America’s Newest Real Estate Boom

By John Hines Down on their luck and out of dollars the homeless are flocking to tent cities creating America’s new real estate boom, evicted from their homes by foreclosure and job losses. Hooverville era tent cities are popping up all over America, many in places that have never witnessed an explosion of this sort… Continue reading America’s Newest Real Estate Boom

Best Buyers Market Forecast

Despite the gloomy national economic outlook, the best buyers’ real estate market in at least four years will develop by late summer in most housing markets, according to the new Housing Predictor forecast. Lower interest rates will draw buyers to make purchases of homes more than in years. Increased buyer activity in housing and more… Continue reading Best Buyers Market Forecast