Methodology of Housing Predictor

Housing debuted on the Internet in 2006 to provide independent housing market forecasts for consumers to gauge the probability of their markets inflation or deflation in value. Forecasts are issued at the beginning of each calendar year for communities in all 50 U.S. states, and updated throughout the entire year as local market conditions demand.

Researchers gather about 20 factors on each and every market forecast, including income levels, employment rates and trends, commercial and residential construction, school enrollment levels, business openings and closings, new business development, regional political influences, real estate sales history and current housing market velocity. All of the factors are compiled and then individually analyzed market by market to determine micro market characteristics. Analysts then review each market separately to forecast the percentage each individual market will increase or decrease in average housing prices.

Information is gathered from hundreds of sources, including public county recorder offices, state agencies, federal agencies, closing agents, attorney offices and others developed over the course of our research on an on-going daily basis without bias or prejudice to issue the forecasts.

Today Housing Predictor is consulted by thousands of the nation’s foremost investment houses, mortgage companies, real estate firms and most importantly consumers for housing forecasts, real estate news and analysis on the housing market.

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