2014 Michigan Housing Market

By the end of 2012, prospects appeared mixed for the 2013 Michigan housing market: on one hand, real estate experts remained well aware of the fact that the recession greatly affected the state. On the other hand, the Detroit housing market was poised to make one of the biggest comebacks in U.S. history. So, did any of these… Continue reading 2014 Michigan Housing Market

2014 Illinois Housing Market

By the end of 2012, the 2013 Illinois housing market appeared set to experience growth through the year ahead. Predictions appeared moderately optimistic at best. A market analyst interviewed by the Illinois Association of Realtors predicted a slow but steady pace of recovery last year. By and large, his predictions appear to have come to… Continue reading 2014 Illinois Housing Market

2014 Wisconsin Housing Market

Last year’s forecast for the 2013 Wisconsin housing market appeared seemingly positive in all aspects. This market analysis predicted an upswing in real estate activities for the residential segment. Even the most perfunctory glance at the hard data supplied by the Wisconsin Association of Realtors confirmed these predictions. As most market analysts expected, the housing… Continue reading 2014 Wisconsin Housing Market

2014 Louisiana Housing Market

With such unique and diverse scenery, the 2014 Louisiana housing market appears to be just as charming as the state itself. This real estate market is currently undergoing many changes. What’s more, these changes occurred at a rapid pace. Some of the changes may appear to be drawbacks to some of you. However, we prefer… Continue reading 2014 Louisiana Housing Market

$23 Billion in Home Buyer Tax Credits

The credit to home buyers taking advantage of the federal government’s tax credit has reached $23.5 billion, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Some $16.2-billion was for the first time home buyers $8,000 credit and $6,500 grants to first and second time buyers. The tax credits produced a spike in home sales in the majority… Continue reading $23 Billion in Home Buyer Tax Credits