Buyers Get Relief from Swamp Land Law

by Robert Jones A long forgotten law passed in the late 1960s to protect out-of-state buyers from investing in worthless Florida swamp land, the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act (ILSA) is now being tested as a way to get condo buyers out of their contracts. The act requires developers building 100 or more units… Continue reading Buyers Get Relief from Swamp Land Law

Finding a Lifesaver in Foreclosure

By Tony Evans Fasten your seat belts folks, it’s going to be a “white-knuckle” flight for a couple paragraphs, then some blues skies and green lights. Chicken Little may be right. H & R Block is unloading Option One Mortgage and its $53 billion sub-prime garbage. Insiders are lamenting that after Bear Stearns cut the… Continue reading Finding a Lifesaver in Foreclosure

Make Money on Investment Property

Bust or Boom How to Make Money on Investment Property By J .M. Buck Here’s a scenario that most of us have encountered: You are in your car miles from nowhere. Driving across an endless rural landscape pocked by random truck stops and the occasional ramshackle trailer court, you catch out of the corner of… Continue reading Make Money on Investment Property

Mortgage Companies Like Vultures

The Inside Buzzzzzz “LIKE VULTURES FLYING LAZY CIRCLES” . . . . By Tony Evans Many years as a mortgage banking consultant and author of a book on manufactured home financing should qualify me to offer information, suggestions, ideas and solutions to the problems we face today. If not, please – no criticism, I’m very… Continue reading Mortgage Companies Like Vultures

Get More Inside Buzzzz

Get More Inside Buzzzz by Tony Evan Are these People Nuts? Have banks lost their minds helping cities out of bankruptcy? Published June 1, 2008 The Credit Card Hustle If you havent checked your credit card statement lately, you should do it right away. Banks are sneaking in rate increases. Published May 20, 2008 Getting… Continue reading Get More Inside Buzzzz

Emergency Action by the Federal Reserve is Needed

Catapulted by a series of failures in mortgage financing, never before in modern times has the U.S. been in such serious economic peril. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented action. The nation’s economy has been deflated by the real estate market, much of which has been in recession for more than a year, suffering double digit… Continue reading Emergency Action by the Federal Reserve is Needed

What to do When Facing Foreclosure

By Christine Hardenberger Crippled by the credit crunch and falling property values, millions of homeowners are facing the possibility of foreclosure. The delinquency rate is the highest it has been since at least 1985 when the Mortgage Bankers Association started monitoring the market place. It’s a dreadful situation for many people, who have no idea… Continue reading What to do When Facing Foreclosure

Mortgage Plan Assures Recession

The White House mortgage rescue plan to aid subprime borrowers sets in motion a series of events that could send the U.S. economy reeling into a deep recession, perhaps even worse should the government not require lenders to freeze interest rates for many borrowers, according to a Housing Predictor review. More than 2-million subprime mortgages… Continue reading Mortgage Plan Assures Recession

Land Market is Tumbling

By Mike Colpitts Real estate is proving to be a brutal investment for many speculators, who have purchased land as prices come tumbling down as much as two-thirds from the markets peak. A major U.S. land crisis has resulted from the nearly frozen market, which has the potential to cost billions of dollars in losses… Continue reading Land Market is Tumbling