2011 Vermont Housing Market

Sheltered by better employment conditions and the lowest number of foreclosures for any state in the U.S., Vermont is making its way through the financial crisis with few headwinds. Vermont is also sustaining the tough national economy without experiencing a real estate crash. However, the housing market hasn’t been fully void of the recession but… Continue reading 2011 Vermont Housing Market

2010 Vermont Housing Market

Driven by a slow housing market Vermont home prices dipped slightly, but are the least affected by the financial crisis in the nation. The state had the lowest number of creative adjustable rate and subprime mortgages made by national bankers in the boom resulting in the nation’s lowest foreclosure rate. It isn’t any coincidence that… Continue reading 2010 Vermont Housing Market

Best Housing Market in America

There’s simply no doubt about it. Burlington, Vermont and neighboring South Burlington are the best housing market in America rated by the lowest number of foreclosures in the nation, and there’s not any doubt why. All bottom seven communities on the 2009 Realty Trac foreclosure list are college towns, where local economies have been boosted… Continue reading Best Housing Market in America