Secrets of a Countrywide Insider

For nearly four years Willie Pena worked as a home loan consultant for Countrywide Home Loans in Seattle, Washington from late 2003 until mid-2007 where he sold loans to home buyers in the harrowing days of the real estate boom. Like many consultants Countrywide hired, Pena had no experience in the field until being hired… Continue reading Secrets of a Countrywide Insider

Washington Woman Wins Ugly Contest

A small town Washington state woman has won the first prize in the ugliest room contest sponsored by a website that is putting a whole new face on ugly homes in America. They’re trying their hardest to find the ugliest rooms in the nation, and there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of contestants in… Continue reading Washington Woman Wins Ugly Contest

2010 Washington Housing Market

Markets are beginning to rebound in terms of the downturn in housing in Washington, but the major bounce back that many have optimistically hoped for doesn’t seem to have much of a chance of materializing in the near future. Pushed by the federal tax credit, home sales experienced a strong rebound only to fizzle once… Continue reading 2010 Washington Housing Market