Sunshine States Carry Foreclosure Slide

By Mike Colpitts Major sunshine state metropolitan areas accounted for the top 19 of 20 foreclosure rates in the U.S. during the third quarter of the year, according to the quarterly report compiled by RealtyTrac. California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona cities had the highest number of repossessed residential properties. Among all the metro areas tracked… Continue reading Sunshine States Carry Foreclosure Slide

Illegal Foreclosures Charged in Investigation

Members of Congress are fed up with bankers and Fannie Mae and they’re letting them know it. In a letter signed by three Democrats, including the leader of the banking over-sight committee chairman Barney Frank, lawmakers complained to Fannie Mae for retaining lawyers who run “foreclosure mills” that are being investigated for illegally foreclosing on… Continue reading Illegal Foreclosures Charged in Investigation

$23 Billion in Home Buyer Tax Credits

The credit to home buyers taking advantage of the federal government’s tax credit has reached $23.5 billion, according to the Internal Revenue Service. Some $16.2-billion was for the first time home buyers $8,000 credit and $6,500 grants to first and second time buyers. The tax credits produced a spike in home sales in the majority… Continue reading $23 Billion in Home Buyer Tax Credits

Miami Condo Sales Soar

By Kevin Chiu Once the nation’s epicenter in the real estate collapse Miami, Florida condo sales are soaring, up 43% over year ago levels, according to the Miami Association of Realtors. The Miami housing market has now experienced rising sales for nearly two straight years. Miami ’s condominium market tanked even before the financial crisis… Continue reading Miami Condo Sales Soar

Home Builder Sales Boom with $99 Down

By Mike Colpitts While most home builders are struggling to survive or have already gone out of business, one company is flourishing as it sells homes for just $99 down, taking advantage of a government program that provides the financing. Homebuilder Highland Homes sales are booming as it helps home buyers move into new Central… Continue reading Home Builder Sales Boom with $99 Down

$100 Home Deal Not Dead

The federal $100 home deal that started out in one of the nation’s hardest hit foreclosure centers is expanding into more states. The move is part of government efforts to revitalize neighborhoods devastated by the foreclosure crisis. The program was launched in Cleveland, Ohio allowing non-profits to take control of homes that were foreclosed as… Continue reading $100 Home Deal Not Dead