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Housing Predictor provides independent housing market forecasts on home values and mortgage rates for more than 230 cities in all 50 U.S. states, plus real estate news and analysis.
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Forecasts are updated and reevaluated over the entire year as local conditions warrant. Researchers gather information on a variety of factors, including economics, political issues, business, growth and development, real estate news, employment and other socioeconomic issues.
Biggest Home Price Increase Since 2006
Housing prices increased at the highest average rate in six years in July across the U.S.
Loan Delinquencies Drastic Drop
Mortgage delinquencies fell for the second straight month, demonstrating a major improvement for the U.S.

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Mortgage Rates Resume Drop
Mortgage borrowing rates resumed their drop after weeks of increasing as lenders attempt to attract more business.

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Majority Favor Homeownership
Despite troubles related to housing over the past several years, an overwhelming majority still favor homeownership.
Cash Sales Slowly Decline
Cash home sales have begun to slow as cash strapped buyers grow increasingly concerned about laying down greenbacks.

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