Foreclosures Keep Pace

For fifty consecutive months foreclosure notices filed against U.S. homes have risen on a year over year basis, according to the latest Realty Trac monthly report. Notices of foreclosure activity were filed against 308,524 properties in February. Foreclosure auctions, including notices of Trustee’s Sales and Notices of Sheriff’s Sales, the last steps in the foreclosure… Continue reading Foreclosures Keep Pace

Huge Rise in Walkaways

A growing number of homeowners are doing what was once unthinkable – strategically walking away from mortgages, and the trend is showing huge signs of increasing with the approval of academia. A consulting company working for financial institutions, Oliver Wyman estimates that 16% of current foreclosures are of mortgage borrowers intentionally walking away, choosing to… Continue reading Huge Rise in Walkaways

Markets on the Mend in Time for Christmas

By Kevin Chiu It’s the season of comfort and joy, Christmas trees and Santa Claus flying down the chimney. All of us wish for World Peace. We hope for a New Year that will be better than 2009 when the World’s financial system nearly blew up on Wall Street. In the face of all the… Continue reading Markets on the Mend in Time for Christmas

Housing Shows Stabilization

By Mike Colpitts More than four years after beginning its downturn, many housing markets are stabilizing. Stabilization is key and the first step in the recovery process as markets settle from the worst housing crash since the Great Depression. The long-running housing depression is far from over, but there are more indications that stabilization is… Continue reading Housing Shows Stabilization

New Record in Foreclosures Set

The foreclosure epidemic reached a new milestone in July setting another record, according to the RealtyTrac monthly report. Foreclosure filings were reported on 360,149 properties nationwide, rising 32% from one year ago. “July marks the third time in the last five months where we’ve seen a new record set for foreclosure activity,” said James J.… Continue reading New Record in Foreclosures Set